Home Blog A First Look Inside Brand-New Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa

A First Look Inside Brand-New Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa

A First Look Inside Brand-New Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa

Soho House, the particularly exclusive private members’ club founded by Nick Jones in London’s Soho in 1995, opened its first outpost in Israel this week. Soho Tel Aviv, Jaffa, is located in what is known as the “cultural capital” of the country, Tel Aviv, in vibrant Jaffa, close to the historic port and the flea market.

Soho House: A home for the creative community

Soho House is a space where creative people can congregate – one that attracts people with an open and advanced mind of all kinds. If so, it is better for this fashionable members’ club to break new ground in the Middle East than for the most liberal, innovative and LGBT-friendly city in the region, without a doubt, Tel Aviv.


The proverb says that Jaffa is as old as history itself. The place from which Jonah sailed before reaching the belly of a whale (according to the Bible), was founded around 1600 BC. The city continued to be home to Egypt, Philistia, Israel, Pink, Greeks and Muslims for centuries. The 19th, before they officially established the city of Tel Aviv in 1909.

Today, Jaffa remains the most dynamic and multicultural neighborhood of Tel Aviv: a maze of cobbled alleys, laden with ancient buildings, art galleries and quite excellent restaurants. The historic flea market is at the center of the action. Here you can hunt for treasures, from antiques to jewelry, vintage clothing, Turkish rugs and more.

Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa

Located on Yefet Street, Beit Soho Tel Aviv, Jaffa, it is an easy five minute walk up the hill from the Jaffa Flea Market. The brand new home, which opened this week, consists of a club, garden, pool, outdoor bar and dining options, event spaces and 24 bedrooms.

The tower-converted building, originally built between 1883 and 1917 as a convent for St. Joseph’s sisters from Revelation, features interiors of the SoHo home decor team, inspired by the city’s culture, colors and influences, while preserving and restoring the building’s original features.

The club reception is on the ground floor, with a marble staircase leading to a sunken courtyard and a swimming pool, surrounded by velvet deck chairs and beautiful parasols, with a poolside bar and a DJ stand.

Design and art

Jaffa Garden is an outdoor dining and lounge area dotted with 300-year-old olive trees from the Galilee and located under a removable pergola roof. Double doors opening to the pool open to the club space inside, and to the pantry, dining area and friends lounge.

The art collection focuses on artists from Israel and the surrounding area. Internationally renowned coaches, at the museum level, such as Elad Lasri, Tal R. and Elite Azulaito, to developing talents, including Shai Yehezkeli and Maayan El Yakim.

Accommodation in Soho Tel Aviv

There are 24 bedrooms, ranging from a tiny size to an apartment, located across the first and second floors. The apartments in the circular spire spaces, accessible via the marble main staircase, each have four-poster beds, independent baths and living areas. All bedrooms have vaulted ceilings and furniture inspired by the Bauhaus movement, one of the styles that dominate the eclectic architectural landscape of Tel Aviv. The original door sockets were sensitively incorporated into the design and the original shutters were returned to the windows.

Bedrooms can be booked by members of SoHo and SOHO friends; A new type of membership that gives access to SoHo bedrooms, along with benefits in other SoHo spaces.

Soho Tel Aviv, Jaffa will be open from morning to night, seven days a week, for friends to relax, eat, drink and meet.




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