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Boosters Bring Tel Aviv Back to Life

Boosters Bring Tel Aviv Back to Life

In Tel Aviv ‘It’s like there is no cobid’

While the debate over reinforcements is raging in most of the Western world, the Tel Aviv mayor says a third dose has helped bring his city back to life.

Restaurants and cafes in the Mediterranean city on the beach are once again packed to capacity, he says Ron Huldai, Who has been the mayor of Israel for more than two decades. Huldai, on his first visit to New York since the onset of the plague, says central Manhattan feels scary and quiet by comparison.

“On the streets of Tel Aviv now, it’s like there is no cobid,” says Huldai, 77. According to him, 99% of the municipality’s employees are vaccinated.

The Israeli economy as a country is preparing for a fourth possible vaccine dose

Dining at tables outside a cafe in Tel Aviv on September 20.

Photographer: Kobi Wolf / Bloomberg

It was not like that just weeks ago.

Israel has vaccinated a larger share of its residents than almost any other country, but cases and hospitalizations have increased with the spread of the Delta variant over the summer. The state that was once predicted to be the first to vaccinate its entire population for a short time, was with the highest per capita case load anywhere in early September, according to data collected by Jones Hopkins University.

But serious cases have begun to decline in recent weeks, with more than 3.6 million people – in a country of 9 million – receiving a third dose of Pfizer vaccine. Israel, which began giving impulse shots in early August, will now require one to verify a vaccine passport known as the “Green Pass,” which allows entry to restaurants, bars and gyms.

Israel is even making preparations to ensure it has enough supplies in case a fourth round of shots is required.




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