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Tel Aviv is getting its British choreographer back


In December, British choreographer Akram Khan will return to Israel to present “Deceive the Devil” as part of the Tel Aviv Center for the Performing Arts’ dance program (TAPAC).

Khan, who is one of the most respected and respected choreographers in the world, recently visited Israel six years ago, when he introduced iTMOi at TAPAC.

At that time, Khan was experiencing creative change. In his current work, Khan focuses on conveying myths and legends through the personal experiences of his performers. In the film ‘Deceive the Devil’, Khan introduces six veteran performers who embody his interpretation of Gilgamesh’s Babylonian epic, one of the oldest texts on earth.

To create this impressive piece, Khan called on veteran collaborators like playwright Ruth Little, composer Vincenzo Lamania and visual designer Tom Scott.

Between a set of broken tables and sculptures, Khan’s crews exchange stories like currency. The band will arrive in Israel for three performances starting December 9 and will release the 2021 dance season at TAPAC.


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