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Tel Aviv Central Bus Station to close by December 5 after 5-year delay


Tel Aviv Central Station must close by December 5, the Tel Aviv Local Affairs Court announced on Sunday, after deciding not to grant an extension to a closure order that was due to take effect in 2016.

The bus stop is in legal proceedings after not receiving an operating license. In order to obtain the license, the owners of the station were required to obtain a permit from the fire and rescue services, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and to meet the accessibility requirements.

Since the owners did not make any effort to obtain the required permits, the municipality is required to close the building in accordance with the court order.

During a discussion with professionals from the municipality, the fire and rescue services emphasized that they could not give permission for the station to continue operating as long as the nearly 400 privately owned stores there allegedly contained flammable materials without proper fire safety arrangements.

“I do not believe that there is room to allow the property to continue operating without a license when the refusal of the fire and rescue services is so resounding and substantial,” Judge Benjamin Herschel-Doron wrote in the decision.

The empty halls on the 1st floor of the new central bus station in Tel Aviv, closed to the public (credit: MIRIAM ALSTER / FLASH90)

Herschel-Doron stressed that in the case of the bus stop there is no justification for delaying the execution of the order to prevent a “prominent tort”, because the risks involved in the lack of a license outweigh the damage caused to the business owners.

Since the only way to reach the station level used for buses is through the shopping area, it will not be possible to cross the public transport station in the building and will be required to stop public transport as long as the order is valid. .

Bus station owners will be able to file an appeal or apply for a license by December 5th.

Earlier this month, Transportation Minister Meirav Michaeli announced that the central bus station in Tel Aviv would be vacated by 2023.

“It will not happen tomorrow morning, but this hazard, which is environment, health and transportation [hazard] To a considerable extent, it will be removed, “she said at the time.


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