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Telecommunications Giant AT&T Opens New R&D Center In Tel Aviv


Global media giant AT&T Announced the opening of a new R&D center in the ToHA Tower in Tel Aviv, while expanding on the existing R&D center already in Airport City.

The company plans to recruit 100 more employees to join the existing 500 employees at the R&D center in Airport City. They also said they want to significantly expand operations to cloud solutions.

The two centers will operate in a hybrid format, which will allow employees to work from home several days a week.

The two centers in Israel are part of AT & T’s global R&D network, which includes additional centers in the United States. Natalie Kramer, VP of Software Supply Services at AT&T and General Manager of AT&T Israel, is responsible for approximately 1,500 AT&T development people worldwide.

“The Development Center in Israel is responsible for driving innovative technologies for hundreds of millions of AT&T users around the world, and leading strategic initiatives for the entire company,” Kramer said. “As part of the center’s growth and development process in the country, we are looking for quality staff members who, like us, are enthusiastic about working with advanced technologies on a large scale.”

AT&T established its Israeli R&D Center in 2007 following the acquisition of the Israeli start-up Interwise, which specializes in conference solutions for organizations. Advanced first responder systems management worldwide – and now cloud technologies as well.


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