Home News Boy who survived cable car crash must be returned to Italy, Israeli judge rules | Italy

Boy who survived cable car crash must be returned to Italy, Israeli judge rules | Italy

Boy who survived cable car crash must be returned to Italy, Israeli judge rules | Italy

A judge in Israel ruled that a six-year-old boy who was the only survivor of a cable car hit and got involved in a bitter custody fight should be returned to Italy.

Eitan Biran lost his parents, who were Israeli citizens living in Italy, and his two-year-old brother in a plane crash in northern Italy in May.

He then lived with his paternal aunt in Fabia, Lombardy, before being allegedly abducted by his maternal grandfather and taken to Tel Aviv in September.

Judge Iris Ilotovic-Segal said on Monday that the child should be returned “to his usual place of residence, which is Italy” and ordered his grandfather, Shmulik Peleg, to pay about 18,000 euros (£ 15,000) in legal fees and expenses.

Eitan, who suffered head and leg injuries in an accident, went to live with his aunt on the side of his father, Aya Biran-Nirko, after being released from a hospital in Turin in June. Biran-Nirko received temporary detention shortly after the tragedy so that Eitan, who holds an Italian and Israeli passport, could continue to receive the necessary medical treatment.

However, the move was undermined by relatives on his mother’s side in Israel, and tensions between the two sides in the family escalated.

Peleg, who moved to Italy after the accident, drove the boy across the border to Lugano, Switzerland before flying him on a private plane to Tel Aviv.

Relatives of Eitan’s father claimed he was taken against their will and immediately filed a petition for his return to Italy. Peleg claimed to have acted in favor of the boy.

Eitan was born in Israel but has lived in Italy since the age of one month. He was due to start studying two days after his alleged abduction.

Ilotovic-Segal said that Eitan’s removal from Italy was illegal and violated his aunt’s guardianship rights on the part of his father. The judge urged the family to reconcile and said: “It is of paramount importance to focus on the minor’s medical and emotional condition and give him the support, care and embrace he needs following the tragedy that befell him and his family.”

Ethan’s grandparents were also killed in the crash, which is estimated to have occurred when a lead cable broke, causing the passenger compartment to be hit backwards before falling about 20 meters into a wooded area below. The hut was just a few meters from Monte Motarona, its target was almost 1,500 meters above sea level when the crash occurred.

Fifteen people boarded the cable car in Stresa, the town below, near Lake Maggiore, for a 20-minute ride. Eight of the 14 who died, including a five-year-old boy, were Italian citizens. The second victim was an Iranian citizen living in Rome.



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