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Global Ranking Puts Tel Aviv University 5th for Entrepreneurship, as Only Non-US Institution

Global Ranking Puts Tel Aviv University 5th for Entrepreneurship, as Only Non-US Institution

Photo: Courtesy of Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University has won fifth place in the world for entrepreneurship, according to a world ranking of institutions of higher learning conducted by the Innovation Policy Consulting Company and the research company Startup Genome.

The only non-American institution ranked in the top 10, Tel Aviv University, came after Stanford University, MIT, UC Berkeley and Harvard. Other leading institutions in the 2021 rankings included Cornell, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

“This is a very significant achievement for both Tel Aviv University and the State of Israel,” said Prof. Moshe Tzviran, Dean of the School of Koller at Tel Aviv University. “The Startup Gene ranking is a standard of entrepreneurial excellence at the highest level in the world.”

The ranking is measured by the involvement of the world’s leading university graduates in entrepreneurship, and the establishment of Scalap companies that have progressed beyond the start-up phase and are worth at least $ 50 million. According to the ranking, about 1,300 graduates of Tel Aviv University have established active companies in a wide variety of fields, with about 40 reaching the status of scalpel companies.

“Israel in general, and TAU as its leading entrepreneurial university, provide fertile ground for unique young creative entrepreneurs, who establish independent companies and hold key positions in the world’s leading corporations,” said Prof. Tzviran. “The rich toolbox that our students acquire during their studies serves them well when they enter the job market.”

The Koller School of Management at Tel Aviv University has about 28,000 graduates, the largest network in Israel, with many of the graduates holding senior management positions. Among Tel Aviv University graduates Alon Carmeli, founder of Kenson and former CEO of Babylon Ltd.; Nir Zuk, founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks; And Erez Vigodman, former CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals.

To help Tel Aviv University students and alumni on their way to developing their venture, the Koller School holds an annual $ 100,000 startup competition. It also runs an entrepreneurship club, which brings together students and alumni.

FertilAI, which develops artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the success rates of fertility treatments, was one of the winners in the start-up competition for 2021. Another winner, Sweet Victory, created a mint-flavored gum made from natural plant leaf extract, promising to instantly reduce sugar cravings The sweet taste on the tongue.

“We are proud of our alumni and students for this achievement and will continue to fortify Tel Aviv University’s position at the top of global entrepreneurship,” Tzviran noted.



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