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Tel Aviv University to launch cutting-edge Center for Innovation Labs


Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv) will open the Center for Innovation Laboratories before the start of the 2021-22 school year. The center aims to promote research in various fields that may have real-world applications in consultation with experts in relevant industries in order to identify specific needs and issues in these sectors.
The university stressed that it would continue to conduct most of its basic research in existing facilities, while the new center would focus on less common issues in academic research, such as graphic design and democracy support by finding solutions to fake news. Improving government-citizen relations.
The center will include laboratories for genetics, robotics, environmental sustainability, computational economics, law and more while advancing the university’s long-term goals of expanding international and multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as working more closely with industries and society as a whole.

The center will also operate according to an exceptional model for intellectual property rights, through which all participants, including the school, industry partners and researchers will receive a license that gives full access to the research products.

The director of the center, Prof. David Mendelovich, is optimistic that the new department will bring together academia and industry to push the boundaries of research: “Academic freedom to create and innovate, and the desire for research.” “Hospitals and Government Agencies”.

Director of the Center for Innovation Laboratories at Tel Aviv University Prof. David Mendelovich (Credit: Courtesy / Tel Aviv University)

TAU hopes that the activities at the center will lead to practical and applicable solutions within three to seven years.

“The new center is an important engine that will translate research at the highest level into practical action,” said Tel Aviv University President Prof. Ariel Porat. “I am pleased that leading companies have decided to put their trust in our new model and join the center as affiliate members.”


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