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Graduation of The First Executive Space Course of the International Space University in Tel Aviv, Israel


Executive Space Course

Local organizing committee [left to right]: ISP and SSP alum from Melody Korman, ISU BOT member Ofer Lapid, ESC alum Ran Livne

Class talk with ISU founder Robert D. Richards and ISU BOT member Ofer Lapid

ISU ESC TLV 2021 class

It was an interesting combination of technological and scientific meetings along with a business focus on the space economy. “

Emma Vardimon, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – The opening class of the International Space University (ISU) of the Tel Aviv Executive Space Course # ISUESCTLV21 has just completed its first cycle. Twenty-eight participants from Israel and abroad have completed a course that covers everything in space from world and Israeli experts! The faculty leader for this course is ISU BOT member, Ofer Lapid, and the organizers include the ISP and SSP, Melody Korman, and the ESC, Ran Livne.

Lectures were given on professional visits, combining the amazing atmosphere of Tel Aviv. The executive course kicked off with excitement, laden with acquaintances working to remember faces with masks, but they all immediately opened up on the essential issues facing the global space industry.

According to senior scholar Emma Vardimon, director of strategic partnerships:

“The course treasured well, exposed me to different aspects of space and helped me better understand the challenges, its limitations, but also potential opportunities. It was a perfect combination of topics, people, science and social encounter. It was an interesting combination of technological and scientific encounters along with Business Focus on Space Economics We got a good introduction to space in general and more detailed introductions on the subject: space motion, spacecraft system and configuration, GNSS principles and application, etc. The lecture on legal issues related to space special features was very interesting and gave us a lot of food for thought. I really appreciated the back-up space mission design session in the workshop.It allowed a practical approach to “practicing” a space use case and potential future businesses, as well as contributing to more interaction between course participants.The level and professionalism of the lectures were exceptional, and It is important to mention that this week was well organized administratively. P. I hope that the International Space University will deliver additional courses in Israel, which will integrate additional sectors and technological communities such as energy, cleantech, agripodtech and digital health. “

About the Ramon Foundation

The Ramon Foundation aims to ignite the three essential values ​​that Ilan and Assaf Ramon stood for – academic excellence, social leadership and groundbreaking courage. Through the most advanced programs in the fields of science, aerospace and space, the foundation aims to inspire a new generation of young Israelis with an exemplary sense of purpose and professionalism and to cultivate the values ​​of academic excellence, social leadership and groundbreaking courage.

On the Ilan Ramon Scholarship Project

The Ilan Ramon Scholarship Project for Entrepreneurship and Space Innovation The scholarship project provides scholarships to talented Israeli students with graduate degrees to participate in the Summer Space Studies Program at the International Space University (ISU). More than 80 Ilan Ramon scholarships have been awarded over the past decade, enabling these researchers to join the global space community and the ecosystem.

Board members include astronauts, Dr. Garrett Reisman, from USC, and Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman, a professor at MIT and the International Space University.



On the International Space University

Since its inception in 1987, ISU has graduated more than 5,200 students from more than 110 countries. Together with hundreds of ISU faculty and lecturers from around the world, ISU graduates form a highly effective network of space professionals and leaders that actively enables personal career growth, professional activities and international collaboration in space.

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