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Tel Aviv LGBTQ+ center gears up for ‘equality for all’ event


In order to recognize the various achievements for the benefit of the LGBT + community in 2021, the Tel Aviv LGBT Community Center will hold an “Equality for All” event on Friday.

We also noted in the municipal center that same-sex couples will be able to register as partners for cohabitation in the municipality, first in Israel and the Middle East.

The event will also feature leading drag artists, a DJ and performances by Israeli stars Zehava Ben, Chen Aharoni, Rona Keinan and Riki Ben Ari.

Zehava Ben

Tel Aviv-Yafo City Council member Itai Pinkas, who is in charge of community files and LGBT centers, said he expects to donate blood at the event.

“A proud health minister cancels long-standing discrimination between blood types, the enactment of the new surrogacy law by the Supreme Court, the opening of registration as cohabitants with more than a million Israelis living in localities that currently allow same-sex parenting, and of course a good-hearted government,” he said.

The director of the LGBT Center, Ruby Magen, added that the center and their work throughout the year symbolize the commitment of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality to the LGBT + community and for equal rights for all citizens.

“The year 2021 is an exciting year thanks to the basic rights we finally received and the financing of millions of new shekels for the new LGBT center in Gan Meir. I invite everyone to come and join the celebrations, to mark the future – an equal and just Israeli society, “said Magen.


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