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Light pollution could harm animal reproduction- Israeli research


A nocturnal tweet is a male cricket’s way of calling females to come and mate with him.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv), in collaboration with the Open University, have found that light pollution adversely affects the reproductive cycle, in addition to harming animals and other plants.

Using four different types of light, including artificial night light (ALAN), the researchers tracked dozens of crickets that were exposed for life (from egg to adult stage). They found that crickets exposed to 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness exhibited 24-hour cyclical activity rhythms: they started chirping when the lights went out and stopped when the lights were turned on again. Crickets that experienced partial lighting during the dark periods lost their natural rhythm and synchronization with their environment: 80% followed an individual internal cycle, and 5% lost all rhythm. Crickets exposed to constant light 24/7 developed their own cycles (71%) or lost all rhythm (29%). The findings indicated that the increase in ALAN in the laboratory causes a loss of rhythm both at the individual level and at the population level.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the The Royal Society b, And also mentioned in Nature, calls on humans to reduce ALAN as much as possible.

Tel Aviv University. Shlomi Amsalem

“Our findings regarding changes caused by ALAN in song patterns may impair female attraction and reproduction in this species,” said TAU’s lead researcher, Keren Levy. “Our results are consistent with many other studies demonstrating the severe effects of low ALAN levels on nature. We therefore ask you to help protect our environment and environment by turning off the lights in your backyards, on the porch, in parking lots, and wherever possible. Help We need to bring the night and the Milky Way back into our lives and allow for nocturnal coexistence with the creatures around us. “


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