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How to spend 48 hours in Tel Aviv



Tel Aviv is not soaked and bohemian, stretches along the eastern Mediterranean coast, offering its residents cool, young and party-loving parties – and their visitors – days on the beach and a rave all night.

The bustling city boasts a 14km strip of white sand, Middle Eastern-style open-air markets, rooftop bars for evening drinks, and narrow streets lined with famous Bauhaus buildings, tiny galleries and quaint shops. In the 1970s Beirut was known as Paris of the East High school; today Tel Aviv is the Berlin of the region and should not be missed.

Here’s how to taste the action in 48 hours …

Tel Aviv is divided into separate neighborhoods with their own feel. To get the most out of a short time, lift an electric scooter and explore.

First go to the hipster complex of Florentine, the Shoreditch of Tel Aviv. The artists who made this a destination from a vague industrial area can no longer afford the rent, but he has maintained his laid-back atmosphere and the ever-changing street art.

Go around and grab ice cream at your local favorite, Anita, (anita-gelato.comBefore walking through the American-German colony to see 19th-century European architecture, and to visit the Noga Artists’ Quarter (nogagallery.com) To find small independent art galleries.

From here, fashion lovers who want to emulate the Tel Aviv style should turn west to Shabazi Street in neighboring Neve Tzedek to a variety of independent boutiques leading to surfing.

It is essential to spend an afternoon at the southern end of the city where Tel Aviv integrates into the Old Port City of Jaffa (Jaffa) / Alex Tiffany

/ Alex Tiffany

Definitely spend an afternoon at the southern end of the city where Tel Aviv is integrated into the Old Port City of Jaffa (Jaffa). Goods have been traded here for thousands of years – including Jaffa oranges, the inspiration for the Jaffa cake. Head out into the still populated city and enjoy panoramic sunset views of the ocean from its walls built of iconic golden Jerusalem stone.

Allow enough time to spend a long morning on the beach.

Main options (Jerusalem Beach, Frishman Beach, Banana Beach) are ideal for watching matk games (beach tennis played by young and old) and surfing the waves, and be careful not to miss Hilton Beach – the LTC + hotspot of the huge annual mound. Spring Pride Celebrations.

The city’s markets are also a must-see site. The largest “market” in Tel Aviv in the Middle Eastern style, the Carmel Market, has been operating since 1920. (shuktlv.co.il) Here the Israeli reputation of nervousness may be threatening, but do not be afraid to ask for a bargain. Buy everything, from souvenirs to artistic beer and small bags of fresh rougel – the traditional, sweet and dense mini croissants pastries.

For a more relaxed experience, head to the more modern Sharona Market (saronatlv.co.il) Collect handmade halva plates to take home as an ideal gift.

Walk through the American-German colony to see 19th-century European architecture

/ Alex Tiffany

Even if the sun is shining all weekend, be sure to stop by the Bauhaus Museum / Gallery in the UNESCO White City area (bauhaus-centre.com).

This is the world’s largest collection of Bauhaus-style architecture – simple, usually asymmetrical with balconies and unique columns – built by architects who fled anti-Semitism in Europe and moved to Israel in the 1920s and 1930s, wanting to recreate the coffee culture and style they had. left behind.

Afterwards, grab a cold coffee from any stall you pass (sweetened parapchino-style drinks are available everywhere in Tel Aviv), and take a look at the impressive Great Synagogue nearby (tlvgreatsynagogue.org)

Eating is a big thing in Israel, and the biggest debate in Israeli food is where to find the best chickpeas and pita. Near the Carmel Market are Shlomo and Doron Hummus (@shlomodoronhummus), who are constantly competing with Abu Hassan Hummus In Jaffa for the degree. They both usually have long queues, so get there before the rush of lunch to fill up on your chickpeas.

Never look at a tub of chickpeas in the supermarket the same way again.

Contact the Barzilai farm in Neve Tzedek for unique Israeli dishes from the gourmet meat-free gourmet restaurant

/ Barzilai farm

Shakshuka is the traditional Israeli breakfast dish, which thanks to Yotam Otlangi has reached most of the London brunch menus. Try a spicy version at Yom Tov Cafe (@yomtovcafe) of the Carmel Market, or go to the Barzilai Farm in Neve Tzedek (meshekbarzilay.co.il) For the unique Israeli dishes of the meat-free gourmet eatery, such as fig carpaccio and RAW Tishrei dessert; A layer of nuts and dates, mixed berry cashews and guava cashew cream.

Meat reducers can find an enlightening tasting menu, a successful seven-course trial (NIS 350 – around £ 80) and the best glass of Israeli wine in Tel Aviv – Chardonnay from oak grown in the desert – in the bakery (opatlv.co.il). The seasonal menu, set up by twin sisters and staffed almost entirely by women, is created with organic ingredients sold by friends or grown on the roof.

Go to the Teder.fm bar to find the best local hotspot

/ Alex Tiffany

Contact the Teder.fm bar (teder.fm) To find the best local hotspot. Hidden behind a modest graffiti door in south-central Tel Aviv, the former pop-up bar now occupies an enclosed courtyard where bands play live followed by late-night DJ sets.

It continues to move in the early hours with flowing beers (the cheapest local is Goldstar) and a welcoming crowd. Thin crust pizzas for post-beer dishes courtesy of the bar’s adjacent Romano restaurant (ontopo.co.il) Under the direction of the Israeli celebrity chef, Eyal Shani.

Other places worth checking out include the weekend-only place Mondo 2000 (@ themondo2000) above Lewinsky Market in Florence, where disco and punk music performs all night, and Holly Bar in Neve Tzedek (@holybar) For custom cocktails and a great atmosphere.

If you are willing to part with $ 200, enthusiastic tourist tours (eagertourist.com) Say they will guide you to the best local scene every night of the week.

Airbnbs can be expensive and not air conditioned, so be thorough when booking, or opt for one of the larger hotels near the beaches as they can offer competitive room rates.

The Lighthouse by the Brown Hotels (brownhotels.com) Near Jerusalem Beach boasts a well-known rooftop bar with panoramic city views, and a breakfast terrace created from an old nightclub that provides a perfect brunch.

Those looking for an oasis of calm in absolute luxury but not suffocating should book a place at the prestigious boutique hotel The Drisco (thedrisco.com).

Built in 1866 and laden with history, it offers a roof terrace open 24 hours a day and the best breakfast I have ever eaten (try Benedict Jaffa, juicy dates and fresh halva tablets) in the heart of Venus. It also happens just around the corner from a hidden coffee stone, gourmet roasting Cafelix (cafelix.co.il). The suites offer sea views.

Those looking for an oasis of calm in complete luxury but not stifling, should book at the prestigious boutique hotel The Drisco

/ Assaf Pinchuk

Tip: Take the train (around 5 pounds) from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv – airport taxis charge about 50 pounds per ride.



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