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Kirobo Integrates with Binance Smart Chain, Adds Dr. Stornetta to Advisory Board


The services currently available to BSC users include the Cancel button, which allows crypto transactions to be retrieved until the recipient proves knowledge of the password created by the sender, and the P2P toggle button, which allows direct token exchange at users’ prices. Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It has launched BSC, its blockchain capable of smart contracts September 2020, And its numbers are already competing with those of Ethereum.

“Etherium is a powerful platform, but people want to take advantage of evolving alternatives safely and effectively,” he said. Assaf Naim, Co-founder and CEO of Kirobo. “This combination is just one milestone in our roadmap toward multi-chain support for all of our current and future products.”

Kiribo also announces the addition of Dr. Wu. Scott Torrante To its advisory committee. Sorrenta is considered one of the founding fathers of cryptocurrencies. A theoretical physicist by education, Storante co-authored the paper in which the phrase “chain of blocks” was coined in 1991, and his research received much attention in Of Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper since 2008. Since then, Storante has continually contributed to the cryptocurrency industry through research, public speaking, consulting and investment.

Said Storante: “I’m happy to join Kirobo’s Advisory Board and I’m very much looking forward to advising the team on developing its products and services. I had a front – row seat to the evolution of the blockchain industry and was fortunate to work with some incredibly talented and dedicated people over the last 30 years. I knew right away that they were doing something special. “

In addition to Torrante, Kiribo also greeted Nir Geffen Shimoni To its advisory committee. Geffen Shimoni He is the founder and managing partner of Better Alternatives, an enterprise development company specializing in investment banking in the field of blockchain, DeFi and NFT.

Geffen Shimoni said: “I am excited to join him – I have been following the team for several years and it was clear to me that they will affect the way we securely transfer crypto assets.”

Join Kirovo’s Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rZ3fKBxbQ5

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Kirobo’s mission is to turn cryptocurrencies into an everyday tool that anyone can use with confidence. We achieve this with user-friendly products that remove the risk of human error and fraud from cryptocurrency transactions, making crypto management as secure as possible. Kirobo is the proud recipient of two grants from the Israeli Innovation Authority – the only blockchain technology company that has managed to achieve this.

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