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94-year-old playwright arrested for suspected murder of wife in Tel Aviv


A well-known 94-year-old writer and playwright was arrested Thursday on suspicion of murdering his wife.

The man, whose name was banned from publication, was brought in this week for questioning about the death of his wife in Tel Aviv more than a year ago. According to police, the 87-year-old woman was found dead in a bathtub last August by paramedics after her husband called an ambulance.

The woman was found covered in bruises, and therefore an autopsy was ordered and it was subsequently determined that her death was not accidental. Police have launched an undercover investigation into the incident, which has led to an arrest.

The suspect, who was later released on Thursday for a 30-day house arrest by the Bat Yam Magistrate’s Court, denies any wrongdoing.

“Where have the police been so far and how does the claim regarding the alleged danger to the public to justify his arrest reconcile with the fact that 14 full months have passed in which the man has been at home?” His lawyers said in a statement quoted in Channel 12 News.

The arrest took place several weeks after the Haaretz daily reported that the suspect had never been officially questioned by the police and that there were inconsistencies in what he told investigators.

According to the newspaper, the police have evidence that the woman was beaten and strangled to death, which contradicts the suspect’s claim that she took her life.

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