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Tel Aviv University, Johns Hopkins to launch joint double-degree program


Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Jones Hopkins University are launching a collaborative degree program for graduate students in international arts, conflict resolution and mediation, politics and cyber governance, developing countries or security and diplomacy.

Students who choose to participate in the program will stay one year at the Jones Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Bologna, Italy, and one year at the Faculty of Social Sciences Gershon H. Gordon at Tel Aviv University and will be able to start the course on any of the campuses. Graduates will receive two graduates, one from each university.

“Our agenda is to train and equip students with knowledge and experience to enable them to improve our society and help create a better world,” said Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at TAU, Prof. Itai Sand. “We are proud and excited to launch a partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Bologna branch.”

Johns Hopkins University. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Some other institutions involved in the program include McGill University, Science Pooh Lille, SOAS London, the Vienna Diplomatic Academy, the University of Leiden, the University of Bologna and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center.

“The new collaborative degree with Tel Aviv University provides students with an opportunity to experience two distinct academic, social and cultural environments, develop a global perspective and better understand the challenges facing Europe and the Middle East,” said SAIS Europe Director Michael Plummer. “This is a great opportunity for students interested in multidisciplinary, international education based on tools for a master’s degree in international affairs.”


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