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Grapevine November 6, 2021: Missed the bus?


Tel Aviv residents who are not residents of Tel Aviv, who have not crossed the familiar streets of “The City That Doesn’t Sleep” for more than a year, will be surprised by the many changes. Construction volume, as property developers of tall towers compete with each other in height to reach the sky, entire blocks of apartment blocks have been renovated and many streets blocked as construction equipment digs deep into the ground to ensure solid foundations for new high-rise residential, office and commercial projects that continue to change the city. However, Tel Aviv shows much more respect for old historic buildings than Jerusalem. Instead of stopping them or destroying them, as happens too often in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv improves them and restores their original splendor.

The general idea is to make Tel Aviv a more glittering city than it already is. It means a lot of architectural sacrifices to make room for new and modern construction on the site. One of the big projects of this kind is the main bus terminal of South Tel Aviv, which is about to disappear and with it not only many commercial stores with an amazing variety of affordable goods but also Little Manila. It’s like a home away from home for Filipino caregivers and other members of the Philippine community; African cultural and culinary shops; And the Shtetl-cum-cum-museum lovingly cared for by Mandy Kahn, the founder of Young Yiddish, who for several months sought a new home for the atmospheric treasure and the old world he and his team had meticulously created. An ideal place both culturally and geographically would be part of the large lobby at the Habima Theater. The location is relatively easy for people out of town to get to. This can complement Habima by setting up a mini cabaret in Yiddish during the break, and many people may prefer schnapps, a piece of herring, pickled cucumber or a plate of cholent over the meal served at Habima’s food outlets. But it is doubtful whether Habima will agree.

Jung Yiddish played an extraordinary role in Jewish propaganda. Many immigrants from the former Soviet Union are interested in restoring their Jewish heritage, but not necessarily on a religious level. They enjoyed the opportunity to flip through Yiddish literature, learn Yiddish songs and adopt a culture that refuses to die, no matter how many eulogies she was given.

Kahan, who is himself a singer and tells stories with an attractive personality, helped make this happen. In addition, the Yiddish books and periodicals he has accumulated over the years deserve, in some cases, to be placed in the ethnic part of a museum.

If we put aside for a moment the hundreds of people who will lose their livelihood temporarily or permanently and the people who may suffer emotionally and psychologically with the disappearance of their cultural and social anchors, where the tens of thousands of passengers passing through the place are taken into account. The main bus terminal on a daily basis?

The old central bus terminal, which is within easy walking distance of the so-called new central bus terminal, continued to function until the current terminal went into operation. Although there is talk of finding new locations for the many buses to destinations and back across the country, there is currently no suitable alternative to the main bus terminal of South Tel Aviv, from which it is relatively easy to take connecting buses. Almost everywhere in Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel. What is on the verge of happening now is similar to throwing the baby with the bath water.

■ Two years ago, Neil Imperial, former Ambassador of the Philippines to Israel, hosted the premiere of Kozon’s play at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, an excellent docu-feature that tells the story of how then-President Manuel Kozon, b. Defiance of the Nazi presence in the Philippines opened the gates of his country to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. Some of those Jews eventually made their way to Israel. For many years, diplomatic representatives of the Philippines waged a protracted struggle with Yad Vashem to gain Kozon’s recognition as a Righteous Among the Nations or to be otherwise recognized by Yad Vashem for what he did at great personal risk. Their efforts eventually succeeded. Meanwhile, Rishon Lezion has signed a sister city agreement with Quizon City, resulting in McIurog S. Alberto, the current ambassador of the Philippines, a friend of Rishon Lezion mayor Raz Kinstlich to screen the film again – but this time in Rishon Lezion. The screening was attended by Rafael Harpaz, Deputy Director General of Asia and the Pacific at the State Department, and Margot Pines Kastenbaum, who to some extent owes her life to Kavzon, and is a regular guest at bilateral events hosted by the Philippine Embassy.

Ambassador of the Philippines Macairog S. Alberto. (Credit: Courtesy of the Embassy of the Philippines)

■ Former Minister of Communications and former MK Ayub Kara, who served in the 15th, 16th, 18th and 20th Knessets, is from time to time called as a minister in the government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu to represent the government at receptions on his national day. Ambassadors of foreign countries. To his credit, he is not afraid to speak in English and will do so in Florida on Wednesday, November 17 and Thursday, November 18, when – as a CAMERA guest – he will address the question: Is Israel an apartheid state? It should be remembered that Kara is a Druze and not a Jew. Still, he is, in many ways, a much greater Zionist than many Jews and one of the Likud loyalists. He was also very loyal to Benjamin Netanyahu, who often treated him harshly.

Wednesday’s event will take place at the Marriott Hotel in West Palm Beach, and a Thursday event at the Country Club Booker in Boca Raton.

In an item commemorating the Battle of Be’er Sheva that appeared in “Gravin” last Wednesday, Ambassador Thomas Goldberger, former deputy head of the US embassy, ​​was mentioned. Which the officers of his Australian and New Zealand forces always attend commemorations of the Battle of Beersheba as well as a memorial service for the ANSC Day. Services.

Goldberger and his wife Eden have returned to Israel since January 2020, but because so many people have kept a low profile over the past two years, not everyone he met as a DCM was aware of his presence. He heads a team of about twenty people commanded in Bnei Brak and provides support to MFO soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula. After Goldberger completed his previous role in Israel as a DCM, he traveled to Baghdad and then to Cairo for five years before leaving the State Department and joining the MFO.

Eden Goldberger has managed to reconnect with old friends who live in Israel and currently serves as president of the Israel branch of the International Women’s Club.

■ While Israel’s bizarre coalition has managed to avoid being ousted, despite very diverse ideologies, the recommendations of government ministers of talented and experienced people to head the boards of large government enterprises have been rejected. First, it was Amir Peretz, who despite being the mayor of Sderot Maslih, the head of the Histadrut, the former defense minister and chairman of the Labor Party, was rejected as head of IAI on the grounds that managerial experience was not enough.

Amy Palmor, a former director general of the Ministry of Justice, who spent almost half of her life as a civil servant and headed many initiatives, reforms, committees and tribunals, is a candidate for chairman of the Electric Company and was also rejected. Claiming she does not have the appropriate managerial skills.

Peretz is supported by Defense Minister Bnei Gantz and Palmor by Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Energy Minister Karen Elharar. The question is whether Peretz and Palmor were hairy as hell for someone who has it for certain members of the current regime.


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