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Tel Aviv’s new INK Hotel is both modern and historic


When you arrive at the INK Hotel at 14 Brenner Street in the heart of Tel Aviv, it is immediately apparent that this new boutique hotel, which opened in July, is in line with the rest.

An innovative and modern hotel, designed in honor of the AL Library. Peretz and the bookstore housed in the original building that is now being demolished, which was built in the 1950s and served as a center of Yiddish culture for decades. “The goal was to preserve the spirit and symbolism of the cultural place and embody it in the hotel,” writes architect Yoav Messer on a sign at the entrance. “The inspiration for the library theme comes to life in the design of the new building.”

Everything from the new and excellent structure of a message – reminiscent of a pile of books – to the literary interior design of Yaron Tal reflects the subject. When you enter, you see a collection of old ink cartridges and a neon library sign (“Bibliotech” in Yiddish letters), a huge keyboard of an English typewriter at the popular fusion restaurant Sun Young Asian, which can be seen from the check-in counter, as well as printed newspapers in the rooms. .

“As a Jewish-Israeli architect with a great appreciation for Yiddish culture, an important value for me is the embodiment of the old place in the new future,” says Messer.

The hotel has 52 spacious rooms and suites, which are designed to “maximize the space and emphasize stunning views of the White City”.

THE INK Hotel is designed to resemble a pile of books. (Credit: INK Hotel)

Among other things, it has a luxurious spa with a variety of treatments, a small rooftop pool with sun loungers and an automatic car park. The small rooms and balconies are warm and sleek, with stunning city views, the beds are welcoming and comfortable, and the shower is exceptional.

Most of all, the staff is extremely warm and ready to help at any time with drinks or towels, by phone or on WhatsApp.

The restaurant at the hotel is so popular that you have to book a table a few days in advance (which we neglected to do), but we did get a chance to taste its excellent breakfast menu (Pear Benedict and Crepe Suzette are highly recommended).

The hotel is owned by the leading restaurant group KISU together with Yaron Levy, entrepreneur and partner in American Express Travel and the real estate company ISSTA. Which needs a relaxed and pampering stay – and is not far from Rothschild Boulevard, the Carmel Market and the beach!

Prices start at NIS 950 per night during the week. It’s definitely worth it!

The writer was a guest of the hotel.


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