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Ex-cmdr says Israeli regime on verge of collapse, its military not prepared for multi-front war


A former senior Israeli military commander says that the regime’s soldiers are not ready for a multi-front war and will probably fail in the event that such a conflict breaks out, and emphasizes that the regime in Tel Aviv is on the verge of collapse.

Major General Yitzhak Brick said that his remarks about the deep weakness of the Israeli army and the fact that the regime was in decline are not an outburst of anger, but quite true since there are indisputable facts that cannot be ignored.

He noted that Israel’s next war would in fact be a war on the internal front, stressing that the regime had not experienced such an issue in the past.

“A new war will take us back many years ago. The difficulties we went through during the previous wars will be nothing compared to the fall of the future conflict,” Brick added.

He said thousands of missiles and rockets would be released on a daily basis into Israeli-occupied territory during a new war and a high number of unmanned aerial vehicles would be flown over the ground, destroying everything.

“Given the current situation, there is no going back in the next war and we must do everything we can to save ourselves. The next war will cause a catastrophic disaster, and will greatly destroy Israel’s infrastructure. Why not set up a pre-war research committee to rectify the situation Escape from it? ” Specify Brick.

He went on to say that a strong military force could not be built while elements in the Israeli army were crumbling, stressing that the Israeli authorities must achieve a proper understanding of the security and policy levels in order to address the issue.

“It is time to talk about a war in which Israel’s internal front and vital facilities will be attacked by thousands of precision-guided missiles coming from Lebanon, Syria and the Gaza Strip,” Brick said.

A new report has revealed that the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement holds more than 100,000 rockets, emphasizing that the missiles can be aimed anywhere throughout Israel’s occupied territories and that the Tel Aviv regime has a long way to go until the situation changes.

Israel is gearing up for a multi-sided military confrontation in the wake of recent developments in the Middle East region, victories of resistance groups in Syria, Palestine, and Yemen, as well as Hezbollah’s growing regional influence and role. This is while the regime suffers from severe security circles and military deficiencies in order to manage the status quo, the daily newspaper in Hebrew “Israel Today” reported.

The report described Israel’s 33-day war in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 as a wake-up call for the regime, and stated that the occupied territories were now within range of more than 100,000 missiles from Lebanon, in addition to tens of thousands more.


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