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How you know you’re spending too much time with your cycling teammate


Michael Woods and Guillaume Bowen, like most professional cyclists, spend 200 days a year on the road. In professional riding, you can spend more time with your teammates than your family, spouse or partner. This is part of the reason why professional teams make sure that riders who ride in the same colors will get along well. You are going to spend hours training and racing together every day, and weeks and weeks in hotels. If you intend to try and win races as a unit, you will want to fit in well.

The silver ball of Canadian cycling

Many cyclists have said that the connection they make when racing is closer than their non-cyclists. Suffering from a gutter, riding up and down mountains in the scorching heat or freezing rain, will definitely speed up the membership.

Woods and Boivin are currently in Tel Aviv as part of the launch of Israel Start-Up Nation 2022. They are hosting again, and as Boin noted, given all the time they spent outside the home, it is not surprising that such a mistake can be made.

Guillaume Boivin / @ the_bovino


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