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Coca Cola burgers month returns


Coca-Cola Israel, in collaboration with Time Out magazine, has renewed sponsorship of its “Hamburger Month”, combining unique hamburger creations with Cola.

The ambitious project, which began only in 2019, has grown to include about 200 restaurants throughout the country – including some of the most famous in Israel, led by famous chefs.

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Table card

Table card

(Photo: Buzzie Gordon)

Each participating restaurant designated – in consultation with Coca-Cola – one of its special burgers for the event. The burgers come as the main part of a meal that includes a selection of Coca-Cola drinks – classic, diet or zero – and in many cases, also a side dish. Burger month meals starting at NIS 46.

The project encompasses restaurants of all kinds: fine food, casual food, fast food places, burgers and even ethnic restaurants that specialize in foreign cuisines that usually do not serve burgers. There are also many kosher restaurants in the mix.

All the restaurants on our list serve food other than burgers and offer vegetarian / vegan options. No one has pork or seafood on their menu; Some have menus in both English and Hebrew.

Below is a list of burgers we have sampled and can recommend (places are not ranked, but appear in alphabetical order):

Dede is the only ethnic restaurant on our list this time – a growing chain of urban and suburban restaurants specializing in Georgian food. The approach here is to treat a hamburger the way Georgians do with much of their other food: wrapped in dough and baked.

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grandfather grandfather


(Photo: Buzzie Gordon)

Dede’s Puri burger is quite unusual – much like a giant quiche, or a round “Wellington burger”. The exotic spicy ground beef patty comes out well made, but the real benefit is how tidy it is to eat: the hamburger (with pickles and tomato) is inside its kard shell so it won’t leak out or become sloppy, like with so many burgers with toppings Served on rolls.

Instead of ketchup, the spice here is a delicious Georgian sauce that contains ground walnuts. And a great bonus here is the addition of expertly seasoned potato slices.

Dede. Not kosher. 14 Shalom Aleichem St., Tel Aviv (with additional branches in Givatayim, Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion and Netanya). Tal. 1-700-700-165.

This spacious diner-style restaurant with a large open-air space survived the epidemic with a clever delivery strategy, designing unique transparent packaging that sets F&B apart from the rest. Those who choose to dine at the place will be able to enjoy an old and pleasant soundtrack.

F&B features an extensive collection of burgers named after cocktails, such as Bloody Mary and Tom Collins. Hamburger Cola is the sangria: beef patty is available in two sizes, topped with asado slices in barbecue sauce, caramelized onions, garlic confit, lettuce, pickles and a pile of crispy fried onion pieces. The burger is served in an atypical black brioche bun and comes with two spices: chimichurri and an outstanding bourbon whiskey sauce.

In fact, F&B offers six great specialty sauces, aulis and spreads as spices, and well worth a try. Similarly, you can stack your hamburger high with crispy potato or sweet potato curls as alternatives to the onion pieces.

Full board. Not kosher. Moshe Becker, Rishon Lezion. Tal. (03) 643-3422.

This popular food, located almost on the campus of Tel Aviv University, started its life already, and then connected with a TLBS boutique burger expert (the little burger), a small house in Dizengoff that made a name for itself based on its premium burgers.

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Northern TLBHH Northern TLBAH

TLS Northern Circle

(Photo: Courtesy)

The Northern Hugh maintained its bar feel, with seating both at the bar and at tables around. Everything is outdoors in an indoor area, which will receive additional protection from the cold during the winter months.

What sets the Hamburger Cola apart at this northern TLBS outlet is its build-your-own format. The basic module is the Blumenthal, one of the only three burgers on the menu overall; However, from there you can choose up to three toppings – including some gourmet delicacies, like lamb bacon, bocha cheese, candied chili, onion jam and more.

The Northern Circle. Not kosher. 54 Haim Lebanon St., Tel Aviv. Tal. (03) 654-4870.

The Hamosad – not to be confused with the spy agency – is an institution dedicated to the art of sandwich making. In recent years, the prominent sandwiches on the menu have become those that include a hamburger patty between two slices of bun.

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The Beast The Beast

The Beast

(Photo: Buzzie Gordon)

Hummus’ approach to Coca-Cola burger month is slightly different from the others: instead of defining one of his burgers as a Coke burger, he walks around four of a selection of eight colorful hamburgers: Once a week, a new burger will get the honor.

We sampled three of the burgers selected alternately: El Chapo, Wonderland and Trump. Of the trio, our favorite was the one named after the controversial American president: it was a particularly juicy beef patty with fried egg, onion rings (fried in beer-tempura batter), goose breast, lettuce and tomato, and served on a soft bun soaked in homemade aioli and whiskey. .

The Beast. Not kosher. 67 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv. Tal. (03) 582-9896.

The garage in Rishon Lezion is rightly named after him, located as it is in the same compound of a gas station. At the same time, the wooden structure is most similar to a roadside restaurant on a two-lane roof in the heart of the rural United States – with a front terrace and a side patio for informal dining in the open air.

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the garage the garage

the garage

(Photo: Dudi Izenthal)

There are two menus here, one on the placemat, plus a limited edition to request. The Coca-Cola burger does not appear in any of them: the Banana Special, which is actually an Elvis pastime [Presley] Sandwich – peanut butter, banana and bacon – stacked on top of beef patty. (Note: The version here is lamb bacon.) You have to taste this decadent combination to believe.

The Coke burger here comes with a side dish, which we can recommend [cubed] Home fries, soaked in a rich brown sauce. Or go for the healthier alternative, a small salad.

the garage. Not kosher. 151 Herzl St., Tel Aviv, Tel. (03) 649-9600.



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