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Room Dances Festival comes to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Room Dances Festival comes to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
32 years ago, choreographer and performer Amos Hetz created the Chamber Dance Festival to give a stage to artists whose ambitions were not to fill a huge theater but to come into close contact with an intimate audience.

The need seemed critical at the time, specific to the current era and the social climate. Arrow could not have known that the relevance of the festival would not diminish but would intensify as a kind of emotional / artistic currency that grew exponentially over time. The desires to remove the pretensions and communicate up close and break the fourth wall and get closer to each other are now more relevant than ever.

The program this year exists inside and outside the borders of the corona plague. On the one hand, the festival will stay at the pace of all current restrictions. Moreover, one of the appearances on the schedule, that of Robert Stein and Salome Schnibel, will not take place due to issues related to COVID-19. On the other hand, the performances will offer simplistic and unique personal perspectives of artists who strive to see eye to eye with their audience, something that has been difficult to achieve recently.

The program is divided into three evenings and will be performed in both Tel Aviv, at the Zehava and Jack studio of the Suzanne Dellal Center, as well as at the Arena Theater in Jerusalem. Program A presents works by the chamber dance troupe Noa Eshkol, Uri Turkenich, Ran Ben Dror, Tamar Lam, Omer Uziel and Hetz. Plan B, designed to include Stein and Schnibel as well as Arrow, will now offer a conversation with Arrow as well as his creation. In Program C, works by Anat Shamgar and Sigal Bergman.

As in every previous year, Arrow set a theme for this year’s festival: alone and together. The festival promises to offer works that are sensitive to the space in which they will be displayed, to the observers and to the inner world of the performers.

    The creation of the dance 'Yag' by OHAD NAHARIN.  (Credit: ASCAF) The creation of the dance ‘Yag’ by OHAD NAHARIN. (Credit: ASCAF)

A room dance festival will be held from November 11-13 at the Suzanne Dellal Center and the Arena Theater on November 17, 18 and 20. For more details visit www.roomdancesfestival.com.



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